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ID Title Type Location Status
1 European Federation of Green Roofs and Walls (EFB) Green roofs and walls Europe Ongoing (since 1997)
2 Vrijburcht Private garden Amsterdam (Netherlands) - IJburg, Steigereiland Project delivered (2001-2008)
3 UK National Forest Urban Forest Britain Ongoing (Since 1990s)
4 Park Lingezegen Large urban public park Arnhem and Nijmegen (The Netherlands) Project delivered (2008-2015)
5 Hundertwasserhaus Green roofs, tree tenants Wien (Austria) Project delivered (1983-1985)
6 Paris Climate Bond Urban public parks, single trees Paris (France) Ongoing (2015-2031)
7 Zorrotzaurre district Urban water management Bilbao (Spain) Ongoing (since 2015)
8 Swale_Floating Food Forest Urban forest New York (USA) Project delivered (2016)
9 GAIA - Green Area Inner-city Agreement Urban public parks, single trees Bologna (Italy) Ongoing (2010-2013)
10 Living Green City Graz Europe, Graz, Waagner-Biro district Project delivered (01/03/2016 _ 28/02/2017)
11 A BIOTOPE-CITY-QUARTIER FOR VIENNA Europe, Vienna, Coca-Cola area Project delivered (01.09.2016-31.10.2017)
12 GrÙnOase project, Salzburg Parks and gardens Europe, Salzburg Ongoing (01/04/2017 _ 30/04/2018)
13 VÛINAMERI Project Estonia, V_inameri Project delivered (1997 _ 2004)
14 The DakAkker Urban farms, Green roofs Rotterdam (the Netherlands) Project delivered (2012-2014)
15 Gomeznarro park Structures for water management, Rain garden Madrid, Hortaleza District (Spain) Project delivered (January-March 2003)
16 Green ventilation corridors in Stuttgart Urban planning strategies, Parks and Gardens Stuttgart (Germany) Ongoing (since 2012)
17 Green Roof Strategy in Hamburg Green roofs Hamburg (Germany) Ongoing (since 2012)
18 Bosco Verticale Green walls and facades Milan, Porta Nuova District (Italy) Project delivered (2009-2014)
19 Urban greening by crowdfunding platform in Ghent Urban farm, Green garden facades Ghent (Belgium) Ongoing (2015-2019)
20 Nacadia Therapy Garden Parks and Gardens North Zealand (Denmark) Project delivered (2007-2012)
21 DrainGarden in Ober-Grafendorf Rain/infiltration gardens Ober-Grafendorf (Austria) Project delivered (2015-2016)
22 Cloudburst Management Plan in Copenhagen Built structures for water management Copenhagen (Denmark) Ongoing (since 2012)
23 European Economic Area grants for implementing Climate Adaptation measures in Bratislava Public urban green spaces Bratislava (Slovakia) Project delivered (2014-2017)
24 Private and public funding to adapt Western Harbour in Malmö Vegetable gardens, green roofs & walls, waste management Malmö (Sweden) Ongoing (since 2001)
25 European funds for flood protection measures in Smolyan Natural/seminatural water bodies and hydrographic network Smolyan (Bulgaria) Project delivered (June 2011 _ June 2013)
26 CONSERVATION OF BALTIC RAISED BOGS IN POMERANIA, POLAND Water Europe, Poland, Pomerania Project delivered (02/11/2003 _ 30/09/2007)
28 Barcelona trees tempering the Mediterranean city climate Structure associate to urban networks Europe, Spain, Barcelona Ongoing (2012-2020)
29 Turbinenplatz Public urban green space, De-sealed areas Zurich (Switzerland) Project delivered (2002-2004)
30 Connswater Community Greenway Ecological restoration, Re-profiling river banks, Parks and Gardens Belfast (United Kingdom) Project delivered (2012-2017)
31 Green strips Amsterdam Green strips, Constructed wetlands and built structures for water management South of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) Project delivered (2016)
32 Sportplaza Mercator Amsterdam Semi-intensive green roofs, Living wall systems Amsterdam West (the Netherlands) Project delivered (2006)
33 Citizen Initiative Greening Canals Re-profiling river banks Utrecht (The Netherlands) Project delivered (2013-2016)
34 Operatie Steenbreek Private gardens, De-sealed areas The Netherlands Ongoing (since 2015)
35 Gewildgroei and Living Pavement Reasoned or no-use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, No management (as a way of management) The Netherlands Project delivered (2013-2017)
36 Smart City District Utrecht Distribution of public green spaces through the city, Urban farming, Green roofs, De-sealed areas Utrecht (The Netherlands) Project delivered (2015-2016)
37 Greenguerillas Parks and gardens, Structures characterized by food and resources production New York (USA) Ongoing (since 1974)
38 Better gardens Parks and gardens Europe, Switzerland, Bern, Lausanne and Zurich Project delivered (January 2015 to December 2017)
39 Tide Park Rotterdam Parks and gardens Europe, Rotterdam Project delivered (2014-2017)
40 Photovoltaic Roof Garden Green roofs, Urban green spaces management Wien (Austria) Project delivered (2013-2015)
41 The Avenue Urban green space management, Constructed wetlands and built structures for water management, Green roofs Washington, DC (USA) Project delivered (completed in August 2011)
42 Hanging Gardens Oberlaa Green walls, Urban farms Wien (Austria) Project delivered (2014-2016)
43 Kallang River-Bishan Park Large urban public park, Re-meander river, Urban planning strategies, Ecological restoration Singapore Project delivered (2007-2012)
44 Thames Chase Plan Large urban public park, Ecological restoration, Urban planning strategies United Kingdom Ongoing (since 1990)
45 MA 48 Green Facade Build or attached planter systems, Choice of plants, Monitoring Wien (Austria) Project delivered (2014-2016)
46 Biosolarroofs Green roofs, Urban green spaces management EU Project delivered (2011-2015)
47 7 SEASONS Parks and gardens Europe, Rotterdam, Provenierswijk and Aniesebuurt neighbourhoods On going Project (2012-2019)
48 City Tree – Modules to absorb urban pollution Vertical green walls and facades Europe, Berlin On going Project (since 2015)
49 GreenUrbanClimate project Permeable paving, Green roofs, Green walls Wien (Austria) Project delivered (01.07.2010-31.12.2013)
50 PROGREENCity Green roofs, Vertical structures "Green walls & façades", Urban green spaces management Wien (Austria), Bottrop (Germany) and Madrid (Spain) Project delivered (05.2011 - 04.2014)
51 Urban Heat Islands Strategy Plan Vienna Urban green spaces management, urban planning strategies Wien (Austria) Project delivered (2011-2014)
52 Karls Concept Urban green space management, Structures characterized by food and resources production Wien (Austria) Ongoing (since 2009)
53 Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiatives Food-Water-Energy Nexus Urban green spaces management, Urban planning strategies, Structures characterized by food and resources production Europe Ongoing (since 2017)
54 LIFE CERamic Sustainable Urban Drainage System Structures associated to urban networks, Constructed wetlands and built structures for water management Benicàssim (Spain), Aveiro (Portugal) and Fiorano (Italy) Ongoing (01.10.2016 – 30.09.2019)
55 Green Connections project Urban planning strategies, Ensure continuity with ecological network San Francisco (USA) Ongoing (since 2014)
56 Rooftop revolution Urban Forest Netherlands, Amsterdam On going Project