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Pioneer Case

Soil wild bees habitats

A short description of the NBS project

Ecological restoration of wild pollinators populations (wild bees) by creating shelters, nesting sites and meadows

NBS Implementation context
Location France, Lille
Latitude 50.639165
Longitude 3.039606
Status Ongoing
Dates ongoing
Description of the NBS
NBS Scale object (building, etc.)
NBS Impacts scale object (building, etc.)
Urban density/ Soil consumption high (dense city center, etc.)
Combined with other(s) environmental friendly solution(s)?
if other
NBS Typology
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NBS Uban Challenges
Climate Issues Climate mitigation
Climate adaptation
Other 0;
Urban water management and quality Urban water management and quality
Flood management
Other 0
Air Quality Air quality at district/city scale
Air quality locally
Other 0
Urban Space and Biodiversity Biodiversity
Urban space design
Urban space management
Other 0;
Urban Regeneration and Soil Air quality at district/city scale
Other 0
Resource efficiency Food, energy and water
Raw materials
Other 0;
Public health and well-being Acustic
Quality of life
Other 0;
Environmental justice and social cohesion Environmental Justice: Recognition
Environmental Justice: Procedural Justice
Environmental Justice: Distributional Justice
Environmental Justice: Capabilities
Environmental Justice: Responsibility
Social Cohesion
Other 0;
Urban planning and governance Urban planning and form
Governance in planning
Other 0
People Security Control of crimes
Control of extraordinary events
Other 0
Green economy Circular economy
Bioeconomy activities
Direct economic value of NBS
Other 0;
Stakeholder and Governance
Who Started this initiative? A public institution, a local organization (city or metropolitan)
Contracting Authority Lille municipality
Project manager (leader and main partners): entities names, and know-how involved Leader: Yohan Tison (ecologist at Lille municipality) Main partners: Guillaume Lemoine, Laurent Corbanie (entomologist) & Blongios (association)
Who (else) was involved in the project ? (Inhabitants, local association, etc.) This project has started thanks to Yohan Tison after several discussions with 2 wild bees experts: Guillaume Lemoine who had work on quarry bees populations and Laurent Corbanie, a passionate entomologist, who knows very well Lille municipality wild bees species.
More detail on the process and the role of the different stakeholders (How did it happen?) Inhabitants, Entreliane (association), Lisière (association) nesting sites layout
OPTIONAL Considering the actual impacts, who are the primary beneficiaries of the project. Local 1 Municipality Citizens
Cluster Governance Model Description
cluster5_network_governanceCollaborative_governanceBased on collaborative approach between Lille municipality, associations and scientists
Global Estimated cost of the project > 20 000€
Cluster cluster1_public_financing
FM Other
Description of the financing mechanism Lille municipality (Parks and gardens department)
Business Model
Class Type Description
SocialAdopt a stewardship roleThe aim of this project is to protect and provide long term benefits to 1 and then to all the network linked in.
Temporal Factor
Expected time for the NBS to be fully effective after its implementation short (immediately to few months)
Expected life time of the intervention more than 30
Already feedbacks on the project? In case, the project has already been adapted to new requisites, please explain the modifications brought
Success and limiting factors
Process Enablers
Class Subclass Type Description
Governance_driverscocreation_and_participationReflexive_or_adaptive_governanceEcological competence Collaboration with 2 experts Political driver: 1 plan
Process Inhibitors
Class Subclass Type Description
Economy_barriersPerception_of_the_benefitsVandalismDense city center and site with a lot of pedestrian traffic Long time to see results Technical constraint with excavation
What makes this project a pioneer?
Field The_challenge(s)_targeted
Brief description of the innovativeness Create ecological habitats for soil wild bees, endangered species in our cities
Has the project received a prize, an award?
Has the project received a media coverage? (in reviews, in press, etc.)
IM Keywords
  • pollitantors habitat

  • wild bees