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Large urban public park

Park Lingezegen

A short description of the NSB

Park Lingezegen is a water rich park located between Dutch cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen, in particular between the Rhine and Waal rivers. It is a landscape park that covers an area of 1600 hectares with five different kind of park. The first one (De Park) is comparable to an urban park with recreational opportunities. The second park (Het Waterrijk) is suitable for water storage. The third park (Het Landbouwland) is used for agriculture by local farmers. The fourth park (De Woerdt)can also be used for recreation. The fifth park (De Buitens) is a transition area between rural area and city. All these different parks are connected together by a new ecological, infrastructural, leisure and water network. Park Lingezegen aims in fact to developed a “green lung” with agricultural land, nature and open water for the inhabitants whose will is to use the area as recreational extension of the cities and to create an accessible landscape where ecology must be important and the water management more sustainable, such as a sustainable energy landscape.

NBS Implementation context
Location Arnhem and Nijmegen (The Netherlands)
Status (from - to) Project delivered (2008-2015)
NBS Scale City
NBS Impacts scale City Regional National
Urban density/ Soil consumption Low (suburb at the limit with rural areas, etc.)
NBS Typology

NBS Uban Challenges
Climate Issues Climate mitigation
Climate adaptation
Other 0
Urban water management and quality Urban water management and quality
Flood management
Other 0
Air Quality Air quality at district/city scale
Air quality locally
Other 0
Urban Space and Biodiversity Biodiversity
Urban space design
Urban space management
Other 0
Urban Regeneration and Soil Air quality at district/city scale
Other 0
Resource efficiency Food, energy and water
Raw materials
Other 0
Public health and well-being Acustic
Quality of life
Other 0
Environmental justice and social cohesion Environmental Justice: Recognition
Environmental Justice: Procedural Justice
Environmental Justice: Distributional Justice
Environmental Justice: Capabilities
Environmental Justice: Responsibility
Social Cohesion
Other 0
Urban planning and governance Urban planning and form
Governance in planning
Other 0
People Security Control of crimes
Control of extraordinary events
Other 0
Green economy Circular economy
Bioeconomy activities
Direct economic value of NBS
Other 0
NBS Stakeholders & Governance

Park Lingezegen has been developed by a collaboration between several local governments, water authorities, forest management agency, different advisors and representatives from the city region Arnhem-Nijmegen. Citizens and stakeholders have been able to influence decision-making procedure with their opinions about park plans and design. A public body has been established for its implementation and maintenance. Park management consists of a board, a users council and project office. Users council keeps citizens and companies involved in the developments regarding the park.

Initial actors (Leaders) Governments Local government/municipality
Involved actors Governments Regional / national government Local government/municipality Semi-government organizations / institutions, Community Citizens, Market Private sector
Ecological scale Regional scale green infrastructure
Governance model CLUSTER 5: Network Governance Collaborative governance
NBS Financial aspects

Global (estimated) cost of the project more than 5M€ (70M€)
Financing mechanism CLUSTER 1: Public financing
NBS Business Models Archetype
Technological Substitute with renewables and natural processes
Social Adopt a stewardship role
Organisational Non applicable
NBS Success and limiting factors
Process enablers
Knowledge Generation of evidence: Research on benefits Collaboration: Networks
Governance Process efficiencies: Collaboration, Co-creation and participation Involvement of urban government
Economy Self-financing and self-management
Process inibitors
Knowledge -
Governance Participation and awareness Lack of participation
Economy -
IM Keywords
  • Collaborative governance

  • Regional scale green infrastructure

  • Public financing

  • Substitute with renewables and natural processes

  • Adopt a stewardship role

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