Nature Based Solutions - Implementation Models Database

ID Type Title Country Status
IM 1 Implementation model European Federation of Green Roofs and Walls (EFB) Europe Ongoing (since 1997)
IM 2 Implementation model Vrijburcht Netherlands Project delivered (2001-2008)
IM 3 Implementation model UK National Forest Britain Ongoing (Since 1990s)
IM 4 Implementation model Park Lingezegen Netherlands Project delivered (2008-2015)
IM 5 Implementation model Hundertwasserhaus Austria Project delivered (1983-1985)
IM 6 Implementation model Paris Climate Bond France Ongoing (2015-2031)
IM 7 Implementation model Zorrotzaurre district Spain Ongoing (since 2015)
IM 8 Implementation model Swale_Floating Food Forest USA Project delivered (2016)
IM 9 Implementation model GAIA - Green Area Inner-city Agreement Italy Ongoing (2010-2013)
IM 10 Implementation model Living Green City Graz Europe Project delivered (01/03/2016 – 28/02/2017)
IM 11 Implementation model A BIOTOPE-CITY-QUARTIER FOR VIENNA Europe Project delivered (01.09.2016-31.10.2017)
IM 12 Implementation model GrünOase project, Salzburg Europe Ongoing (01/04/2017 – 30/04/2018)
IM 13 Implementation model VÄINAMERI Project Estonia Project delivered (1997 – 2004)
IM 14 Implementation model The DakAkker The Netherlands Project delivered (2012-2014)
IM 15 Implementation model Gomeznarro park Spain Project delivered (January-March 2003)
IM 16 Implementation model Green ventilation corridors in Stuttgart Germany Ongoing (since 2012)
IM 17 Implementation model Green Roof Strategy in Hamburg Germany Ongoing (since 2012)
IM 18 Implementation model Bosco Verticale Italy Project delivered (2009-2014)
IM 19 Implementation model Urban greening by crowdfunding platform in Ghent Belgium Ongoing (2015-2019)
IM 20 Implementation model Nacadia Therapy Garden Denmark Project delivered (2007-2012)
IM 21 Implementation model DrainGarden in Ober-Grafendorf Austria Project delivered (2015-2016)
IM 22 Implementation model Cloudburst Management Plan in Copenhagen Denmark Ongoing (since 2012)
IM 23 Implementation model European Economic Area grants for implementing Climate Adaptation measures in Bratislava Slovakia Project delivered (2014-2017)
IM 24 Implementation model Private and public funding to adapt Western Harbour in Malmö Sweden Ongoing (since 2001)
IM 25 Implementation model European funds for flood protection measures in Smolyan Bulgaria Project delivered (June 2011 – June 2013)
IM 26 Implementation model CONSERVATION OF BALTIC RAISED BOGS IN POMERANIA, POLAND Europe Project delivered (02/11/2003 – 30/09/2007)
IM 28 Implementation model Barcelona trees tempering the Mediterranean city climate Europe, Spain Ongoing (2012-2020)
IM 29 Implementation model Turbinenplatz Switzerland Project delivered (2002-2004)
IM 30 Implementation model Connswater Community Greenway UK Project delivered (2012-2017)
IM 31 Implementation model Green strips Amsterdam Netherlands Project delivered (2016)
IM 32 Implementation model Sportplaza Mercator Amsterdam Netherlands Project delivered (2006)
IM 33 Implementation model Citizen Initiative Greening Canals Netherlands Project delivered (2013-2016)
IM 34 Implementation model Operatie Steenbreek Netherlands Ongoing (since 2015)
IM 35 Implementation model Gewildgroei and Living Pavement Netherlands Project delivered (2013-2017)
IM 36 Implementation model Smart City District Utrecht Netherlands Project delivered (2015-2016)
IM 37 Implementation model Greenguerillas USA Ongoing (since 1974)
IM 38 Implementation model Better gardens Switzerland Project delivered (January 2015 to December 2017)
IM 39 Implementation model Tide Park Rotterdam Netherlands Project delivered (2014-2017)
IM 40 Implementation model Photovoltaic Roof Garden Austria Project delivered (2013-2015)
IM 41 Implementation model The Avenue USA Project delivered (completed in August 2011)
IM 42 Implementation model Hanging Gardens Oberlaa Austria Project delivered (2014-2016)
IM 43 Implementation model Kallang River-Bishan Park Singapore Project delivered (2007-2012)
IM 44 Implementation model Thames Chase Plan UK Ongoing (since 1990)
IM 45 Implementation model MA 48 Green Facade Austria Project delivered (2014-2016)
IM 46 Implementation model Biosolarroofs Europe Project delivered (2011-2015)
IM 47 Implementation model 7 SEASONS Netherlands On going Project (2012-2019)
IM 48 Implementation model City Tree – Modules to absorb urban pollution Germany On going Project (since 2015)
IM 49 Implementation model GreenUrbanClimate project Austria Project delivered (01.07.2010-31.12.2013)
IM 50 Implementation model PROGREENCity Austria Project delivered (05.2011 - 04.2014)
IM 51 Implementation model Urban Heat Islands Strategy Plan Vienna Austria Project delivered (2011-2014)
IM 52 Implementation model Karls Concept Austria Ongoing (since 2009)
IM 53 Implementation model Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiatives Food-Water-Energy Nexus Europe Ongoing (since 2017)
IM 54 Implementation model LIFE CERamic Sustainable Urban Drainage System Spain Ongoing (01.10.2016 – 30.09.2019)
IM 55 Implementation model Green Connections project USA Ongoing (since 2014)
IM 56 Implementation model Rooftop revolution Netherlands On going Project
IM 57 Implementation model Park around the corner Europe On going Project (since 2014)
FR_5 Pioneer Case Green roof of the Aimé Césaire school complex France Project delivered
FR_17 Pioneer Case Urban farm supplying school canteens and managed by the municipality – Mouans-Sartoux Régie agricole du Domaine de Haute Combe – Mouans-Sartoux France Project delivered
FR_3 Pioneer Case Bézannes Joint Development Zone France Project delivered
FR_4 Pioneer Case Lichens indicators France Project delivered
FR_7 Pioneer Case Forester city France Ongoing
FR_8 Pioneer Case PRADO reefs France Project delivered
FR_9 Pioneer Case Quay Gardens France Project delivered
FR_10 Pioneer Case "Séqué" eco-district France Project delivered
FR_11 Pioneer Case Soil wild bees habitats France Ongoing
FR_13 Pioneer Case Urban Natural Park France Project delivered
FR_14 Pioneer Case Saida school France Project delivered
FR_15 Pioneer Case Ecological continuities restoration France Ongoing
FR-2 Pioneer Case Creation of wetland habitats in output water treatment plants for the treatment of emerging pollutants (Zone Libellule-projet ZHART) France Project delivered
FR-12 Pioneer Case Soil quality assessment for spatial planning in urban and peri-urban areas. The provence coal field case study (UQUALISOL-ZU) France Project delivered
FR-6 Pioneer Case Fertile soil construction by using recycled materials: Blue beach case study of Valenton (Val de Marne, France) France Project delivered
IT_1 Pioneer Case Lets Crop the Diversity Italy Studies and conception
IT_2 Pioneer Case INPS, Green Facade Pilot Project – Genoa Italy Project delivered
IT_3 Pioneer Case Vertical Forest – Milan Italy Project delivered
IT_4 Pioneer Case Flood retention basins of Lura river – Milan Italy Project delivered
HU_7 Pioneer Case Bird Friendly Schoool garden in an Elementary School, Szeged Hungary Ongoing
HU_6 Pioneer Case Urban Public Space Refurbishment, Szeged Hungary Project delivered
HU_4 Pioneer Case Community Garden Nagykovácsi Hungary Ongoing
HU_3 Pioneer Case Urban regeneration in Ferencvaros Hungary Ongoing
HU_2 Pioneer Case Promenade along river Danube Hungary Ongoing
HU_1 Pioneer Case ECO-Park development Balatonfűzfő Hungary Project delivered
DE_1 Pioneer Case Grün in der Stadt (Whitepaper) - Grünbuch Stadtgrün Germany Project delivered
DE_2 Pioneer Case Adlershof Berlin Germany Project delivered
DE_3 Pioneer Case Eco District Freiburg Vauban Germany Project delivered
CH_1 Pioneer Case MFO Park Switzerland Project delivered
AT_1 Pioneer Case MA 48 – Green wall Austria Ongoing
AT_2 Pioneer Case Biotope City Austria Works stage
AT_3 Pioneer Case Urban Heat Islands Strategic Plan Vienna (UHI) Austria Project delivered
ES_1 Pioneer Case Bioclimatic urban planning manuals for Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) Spain Project delivered
ES_4 Pioneer Case LEAFSKIN® Green shady structure Spain Studies and conception
ES_5&ES_7 Pioneer Case MEEFS Multifunctional energy efficient façade system for building retrofitting Spain Project delivered
ES_6 Pioneer Case GREEN Roof in refurbished industrial building SPAIN Project delivered
NL_1 Pioneer Case Green Roof Deal Netherlands Ongoing
NL_3 Pioneer Case Green Roof Deal Netherlands Works stage
TR_2 Pioneer Case Ankara Integrated Solid Waste Management - Flowers come out from landfill Turkey Ongoing
TR_3 Pioneer Case Rain harvesting Turkey Ongoing